In the amber sand

They built their castle

With hopes at hand

With worries too little

They began to create

Their blissful dreams

With much to anticipate

From their childhood realm.


In the amber sand

They played along

Held each others’ hand

While singing their song

They watched the waves

Meet the shore

The beauty it gave

They thought would endure.



In the amber sand

They made their promise

And that fairyland

Was their sole witness

To be together

Was their solemn swear

From once upon a time

Till forever after.


In the amber sand,

She waited for him

Darkness swept the land

But he never came

She let out a cry

And tears were shed

While he went by

With words unsaid.


Time had come.

Time had gone.

And there he stands

In their amber sand

Full if regrets

For he didn’t forget

The girl she left

With words unsaid.


And there she is,

She had fully grown

Feeling complete bliss

While singing their song

She builds a castle

With worries too little

Holding some other’s hand

In the amber sand.

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