They’ve always been the campus’ best pair.

We call them MSUans – those extraordinary individuals whose fashion statements never go out of style. Nope. We don’t actually see their styles being featured in a well-renowned magazine nor have we seen America’s next top model ramp with their denims on. Everything is awfully smarter than that.

A typical MSUan fashion doesn’t follow much of the world’s trends. Simply because they create their own world. And though pages of the world’s fashions turn out from one to another, MSUans’ style would stand still.

The basic fashion statement of MSUans is spelled with t-shirt, shorts, and the campus’s best pair – tsinelas.

Albeit the campus is never situated to some muddy streets, students in here never get away with slippers. We see those pair of cuties being worn in the commercial center, in the corners of seventh and fifth streets, in the cold milieu of ‘Tagaytay,’ and amazingly (though may sound too disgusting for others), inside the classroom, even while taking the exams.

Perhaps, in the history of all Philippine Universities, it is only in MSU that students still religiously wear slippers matched with faded shorts (if not rolled-up pants) and three-week old shirts while attending classes. It is a headache for professors who deem formality inside their classes but at a certain point, the fashion had already been an acceptable part, and funnily a sort of requirement, of being an MSUan.

There’s no certain face of this tsinelas craze, actually. Slippers vary from the oh-so-expensive Havaianas, to the time-tested Islander, to the tatty classic Spartans. Some would be more than an inch thick. Some may even look like it has been rubbed to the surface of the earth for years. There’s the hole, the beads and the ‘tongueless’ cute little mouths of the feet. Some would even be too noisy, too creaky, too eye-enticing and even funny. There’s the floral, the kind that stepped on the beauty of the garden of Eden.

Whatever the weather may be, the pair would always come in handy. It is the best weapon in fighting the devouring waves of the fifth street. And perhaps the very reason why the clumsy gals took their disgracing falls on the slippery ways. It is the greatest fear of the cockroaches (You were too hysterical to see them flying; you haven’t noticed the slippers flew like saucers). Or – for the most poetic line, the one that would protect those little feet from the burning coldness of the floor. You can even throw them to someone you hate so much (kidding). The twin is even the commonest present one would give, come Christmas time.

To the very point of this, slippers, though we least give them value, certainly play a very significant role to the MSUans and the MSU as a whole. The wearing of it had already been a trademark; the never out-of-date fashion.

Certainly, after years of the campus’ existence, they’re still considered the best pair we ride and step on.

Truly, tatak MSUan!

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2 thoughts on “Steps

  1. marie says:

    simplicity will never be out-of-style. thumbs up for the dress code in MAIN \m/

  2. rhealyn pojas says:

    slippers are good especially when the rain pours so badly. Anyway, like ko ang article na yan. hehe

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