Happy Valentine!

I know many hearts are of their biggest smiles right now. This is the day for those whose hearts are in the zenith of bliss and ecstasy. This is for the roses and bouquets in the hands of every woman and for those which fragrance will never last til they rot. This is for the boxes of chocolates, of candies and lollipops and of sugars which shall melt before you actually taste them. This is for the love songs, love stories and love notes which messages would echo through the years. This is also for the poems still unwritten, for proposals never said, for smiles which would just turn into tears, for dinners never attended and for hearts who’d always beat for the person not meant to be.

This is a day for happiness and bitterness, for completeness and brokenness, for the most poetic lines and most heart-breaking phrases.

This is for you. For the inks spilled. For the crumpled papers. For the empty smiles. For the shattered days.

This is for the words unsaid. And for my notes unread.



A piece from a yellow notebook

It’s raining so hard. I wonder if this still stops. Just like the rain, I wonder if this sentiment of mine ceases to flow for you. I’ve never seen you today and here i find my self staring at the photograph you’ve taken on my cell. I suppose I’d never stop thinking about you even if the rain suddenly decides to stop.I never though this would run so deep. I want this to end.

I’m disturbed with the thought of you. You’re in my mind in every petty thing I do. I wish I never have to write this but this emotion could really kill me literally.

I’m being stubborn again. I should never throw a look for someone like you. I should never think of someone before going to slumber. I should never be like this. But then, I could never stop my self from falling…

It’s raining so hard and I think of you. I wonder if you also hate the weather this very moment. I wonder what you’re doing or wearing. I wonder if I had ever crossed your mind. I wonder of you also feel “incomplete” not seeing me today. I wonder if you ever think of me. I wonder if you also love me.

It’s raining so hard and I’ve got no idea when shall this stop. I just hope that as the sky slowly clears off, my heart will also stop beating for you. I don’t know if that’s possible. I don’t know anything at all. I only know one thing: you are the reason of my struggles.

January 05, 2011

09:45 pm



One thought on “Fourteenth

  1. withpinkpen says:

    comment.. hahaha ako’y pinakauna.. hahahaha

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