I love books. Undeniably.

If you’d ask me what  I have done most in my entire lifetime, aside from writing, I’d answer reading. I couldn’t actually pinpoint, though, the Genesis of such addiction. I started reading books (novels, at that) the moment I learned reading. That’s pretty basic. I continued on my addiction until my optometrist said I would have to wear these annoying spectacles (it’s never cool, unlike what others believe). Alas, I would have to suffer from myopia til my last breath. (Things seem so near yet remain unseen).

Just to clear things out, I’m not writing in here “The Diary of a four-eyed Freak.” That’s awfully, painfully dramatic. Don’t pity me for blurry eyes, pity yourselves if you haven’t tried reading. Perhaps people would find it sooooooo boring just killing time scanning pages. But try it, you would then perhaps understand why a handful of the people go so loco over words printed on papers (not to mention their addicting smell).

Now, what books should you read really? You could all choose from variety of topics – from Astronomy to Zoology. But if you are like this blogger that wants to play movies inside his mind, you’d probably want to cry, laugh, get afraid, amazed and go crazy over these writers whose books would really hook your eyes.

My seven favoritest (the word doesn’t exist) authors:

7. Nicolas Sparks

A great story teller that would make you fall in love and would just eventually break your heart with his novels which endings are tragic. Happy-ever-after is where? With his pen, you wouldn’t find it. For his stories don’t just end, even after you read the last page. In the heart, they remain.

Some of his greatest novels include: A Walk to Remember, The last Song, and The Notebook. And my favorite novel of his, Message in a Bottle.

6. Dan Brown

The author of The Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress, Angels and Demons and Deception Point.

You’ll get crazy following the signs and insignias and the codes he write. You’d think critically like you never did before. Undeniably a great mystery writer, he keeps you figuring out how, who, what and WHY?  I’ve read all of his novels except for his newest piece, The Lost Symbol.

5. John Grisham

All I love about his is the somewhat “legal” touches of his pieces. He’ll take you to courts and show you exactly what happens. He offers imagination. And he offers it with premium of truths. The Street Lawyer, The Testament, The Rainmaker, The Last Jury and The Pelican Brief had caused me sleepless nights. All I want for summer is his newest, The Litigators.

4. Mitch Albom

Inspiring and unique. Lines of him are too striking; stories, too moving.

   This author behind the well-loved books The Five People You Meet in heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie really knows how to touch lives. His works requires a great leap of change to the readers. You’d change because you’d change. His writings are just great. Nothing more. Nothing less.

3. Jodi Picoult

One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.

The only gal on my list. I first fell in love with her through My Sister’s Keeper. Right then and there, I was hooked up. With her stories with lovely characters and beautiful plots, Jodi had surely made me love life. The stories were great, self-realizing and life changing. Everything’s worth handling with care.

2. Paolo Coelho

Author of the bestselling novels: the Zahir, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, Brida, The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes and his greatest (to my own paradigm) Veronica Decides to Die.

His works are too philosophical. And he has the greatest lines and words in the world. His stories revolving around people’s deviance to the norm are worth trading with a whole-night review for an exam (reminds me of high school. haha!). Seriously, his books are fantastic. the reasons of my visits to our library during high school. And I miss reading his works. I wish somebody would suffice my thirst. (donation, anyone?)

1. James Patterson

And this. My greatest love.

There’s something in him that I cannot really resist. The fast paced two-to-three-paged chapters of his books make me finish one in a setting. And you’d learn to love the characters of his well-known series. I just wish Alex Cross, Lindsay Boxer (with the women’s murder club), Maximun Ride (and Fang, please) and Daniel X were really existing. Don’t he get tired writing books. he’s the fastest writer I’ve known. And flexible, so to speak. From detective stories to science fictions to worth falling love stories, he’s simply the best of his field.  I pray someday, my collection gets completed.

more of this i want.

    Thanks for reading. And i wish it wouldn’t stop here. Go grab some book. It’s something worthwhile. I tell you.

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8 thoughts on “Paperback

  1. With the exception of James Patterson and John Grisham (both of whose works I’ve never read), all of those authors are on my favourites list also! I especially love Mitch Albom and Paulo Coelho – both embed wonderfully inspiring themes within wonderful stories. Happy reading!

  2. sweetsheree says:

    I love James Patterson. Im like u, i cant put it down once i pick it up. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Millie Ho says:

    I’ll give them a try.

  4. supermario says:

    wala ka sa ako.. mam amaceta real of filipino department ra man!hehe.. mike, nakadownload nako ug will grayson ug boy meets boy.. u want?

  5. reyjhon says:

    ai. oo tuod, manhulam man tuod kog book ni James Patterson and John Grisham kuya mike. Pahulam na. :]

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