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It probably has become the childhood nightmares of the many and it continues up until college.

No. It certainly is more horrible than seeing a chalk eraser flying towards you. It’s even more tiresome than a ten-time jog around the oval; even more perplexing than a 30-minute elementary squat. It’s more heart-breaking than seeing your first love holding some other’s hand. And surely more terrorizing than the professor that had always given you goose bumps (though they can work so good together, really).

Mathematics. The sound of it could send chills through the veins of someone who has totally cursed numbers and fractions all his life. A touch of it could cause nosebleed-worthy talks and uncontrollable brain hemorrhages (exaggerating). It would remind you of devil-red marks on you grade cards, lost scholarships, and even crumpled sheets with unwritten answers. It could even be the reasons of your over-extended college life, million-dollar meals over depression, overnight scratching of heads and life-time unresolved problems.

Though it could be just a piece of cheese cake for the dexters and geniuses out there, it could also the biggest stumble block for those whose brains cannot spare some space for numbers. Many struggle through it. And with this kind of difficulty and problem, no formula would seem work.

According to my best friend Encarta, Mathematics is a way of describing relationships between numbers and other measurable quantities. It can express simple equations as well as interactions among the smallest particles and the farthest objects in the known universe. Mathematics allows scientists to communicate ideas using universally accepted terminology. It is truly the language of science.

Indeed, the innovation of Mathematics is tantamount to the innovation of the modern technologies ate the present. Those who are good in Math have the edge over the others since many of the professions today focuses on technology.

Sadly, not all considers Math as something easy to learn. People had been raised with the thought that Math is something that one doesn’t learn without the innate intelligence about it. You get or you don’t – this is how people put it.

Perhaps it’s true. Perhaps our right brains should be blamed why we are instead good in arts rather that math. And perhaps it is also true that one needs an innate intelligent to get a 1.00 mark in it. But the thing is we must not succumb to our fears and dislikes of numbers.

As what one of my mentors in high school had said, “Do not let your sagacity get wasted. Math is hard but it would even be harder if you run away from it. Do your part in the formula of learning.”

Mathematics is so hard to conquer (especially to those who solely depend on calculators or to the mercy of his seatmate), but students need to pass through the rigors of academic life.
We would be bombarded with numbers and though we so want to run away with them, we still need to find the value of Y.

It probably has become the childhood nightmares of the many and it continues up until who-knows-when.

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