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She is 23 and a woman of beauty. In a world where beauty is spelled by a fair white skin, long legs that step on high heels and a smile tinted by red lipstick, she could be a queen. The crown isn’t still hers, though. All she wanted is for all the planets to look up her while she stands in the center of the universe. She wants their applause and cheers. She wants the title. She wants respect.

She is 23 and was 19 when she changed her life and entity. She was 19 when she had a new name.

I met her on the television; her face flashed through the news. Almost perfect, she’s a beauty queen betting to represent her country to a prestigious beauty conquest. Her name is Jenna. She was born a he.

Jenna Talackova of Canada is a transsexual. She said she had known since the beginning that she was born with the wrong gender. The real ‘she’ was once trapped in a body of testosterone, so she decided to freed out the cocooned ‘she’ four years ago. The whole Canada was deceived. She screened for Miss Universe Canada and eventually became an official candidate. She’s blonde and pretty, passed all the requirements and was later found out she missed an item – the one that states that she should be born a woman. She is a woman. He was born ‘Walter.’

It became a huge talk when she appealed her being disqualified from the contest. But it became a huger talk when the Miss Universe Organization allowed her to compete “provided she meets the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and the standards established by other international competitions.” She remains an official candidate for the title this May.

Having recognized the freedom for sexual orientation of the then Walter was great. Allowing her and other ‘Jennas’ that would follow her steps to enter a competition for women, is yet too much.

I have nothing against men changing their genders, or even women, at that. It’s a choice, they say. It just that Miss Universe should be promoting genuine woman beauty. Simply, artificial people should not be allowed to compete. Her intentions aren’t questionable. She wants to fulfill her childhood dream. She wants not be discriminated. She wants to be respected and fight what she thinks is an individual right.

I ain’t promoting transsexuality, she says. By words she doesn’t. But the act she’s made has perhaps given an impact to a confused 14-year old boy and has for all time posed in front of the mirror and waved to his own reflection, to change his genitals. He has finally met his hero.

The gays are competitive by nature. They want to prove themselves (sometimes, that they are better than any other). If a pageant organizer, such as Miss Universe Organization, allows them to compete over real women, the number of artificial women joining might even be larger than those of natural beauties. It a promotion of plastic surgery. It a promotion of over choice, an implicit campaign for women to change their physical attributes just to fit to their standards of beauty.

It’s okay to exercise our own innate freedom but we must consider limitations. A he could never be a she no matter how identical their entities may be. A beauty contest for women should never be joined by men. A competition for genuine beauty should never be tainted with plasticity.

Her name is Jenna and many might follow her. She wants the crown and the title. She’s got the freedom and my respect. But the truth be told, Miss Universe should never be a he.

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